Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Safari or Firefox?

Try using Safari when viewing this blog.

I just looked at our blog with both Safari and Firefox. I was surprised to see that Safari worked better. The video played back weird with Firefox. There was a little bar on the right side that would freeze on the last frame. Safari did not have this issue. I'm a mac user, so I don't know about Internet Explorer on a PC.

If anyone has some insight or you are having the same issues, please let us know. We are trying to get this thing working as well as it can. You can email us:

I know we've been slacking on this project, but we are trying to get back on the train and we've got some videos to post soon. Over the weekend, we shot a short film for a 48 hour film festival call Instant Films. It's a really cool event and the short turned out pretty good considering it was shot in 13 hours or something like that. That will be up in the next couple of day.

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