Sunday, February 24, 2008

Contributors to CarBoy Films

Contributors to CarBoy Films:

WILL BOWLES - Creator, Executive Producer, Writer, Director

BOB DEROSA - Writer & Actor - provided the voice of Shirt and Tie McGrueder in "Dog School Part 1"

JOSH FLAUM - Actor & Writer - provided the voice of Blue Shirt McGrueder in "Dog School Part 1"

JESSICA FUNCHES - Producer & Filmmaker - gave us a great interview about managing her rheumatoid arthritis

COPLIN LEBLEU - very talented Graphic Designer & Animator - gracious enough to let us borrow his Canon GL1, as well as a wealth of technical and creative advise

MCGRUEDER - my dog

TARA OCHS - Actress and funny lady - gave us some greenscreen floor panels to use

BEN ROCK - Director, Filmmaker - always a wealth of helpful info and advise and generous with gear, was kind enough to loan us all the equipment needed to shoot "Silent All-Nighter" - Instant Film

JOEL SVENSEN - All around swell guy - was kind enough to give us a roll of greenscreen material.

UNICORN - both a terrific actor and stuffed animal

KEVIN WARD - Creator, Executive Producer, Writer, Director

Above is an ongoing list of contributors to CarBoy Films. We will update this list as more people share their time, talents, stories, and stuff with us. So please check back with this posting to see the list grow.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hi