Thursday, August 14, 2008

Carboy Films Arts and Culture Series - Agriculture: Demon Engine of Civilization

In keeping with our commitment to improve the world through beer-making and the Video Arts, we humbly present to you the Carboy Films Arts and Culture Series - a panoply of significant contributions to the human experience that we feel should be savored like a fine wine (or beer). From time to time this blog will highlight such items for your edification and enjoyment.

First up is John Zerzan's inconvenient essay Agriculture: Demon Engine of Civilization. Zerzan is an anarcho-primitivist philosopher living in the Pacific Northwest who doesn't pull punches.  Some of you may consider this work a big downer, but sit with it a while and you might find a certain resonance with your inner gatherer-hunter.   

Agriculture, the indispensable basis of civilization, was originally encountered as time, language, number, and art emerged.  As the materialization of alienation, agriculture is the triumph of estrangement and the definite divide between culture and nature and humans from each other...

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