Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hop 15 - CarBoy Films Beer Review

For this, our first ever CarBoy Films Beer Review, we tried a beer called "Hop 15".

According to our sophisticated and ever-changing rating system, Will gave this beer 3 out of 5 Reindeer while Kevin gave it 2 1/2 Reindeer, giving it an official CarBoy Rating of 2.75 Reindeer. Which is certainly a score to be proud of.

Hop 15 is a double IPA from Port Brewing Company in San Marcos, CA. You can check them out at


BobbyD said...

Good review. But for us novices, what is an IPA?

I'd like to see a little more education in future reviews.

Beer plus learning = good times.

CarBoy Films said...

A fine point Bobby D.

DoeKnight said...

Is it the hopped-out IPA that is making you itch, Will? Possibly a side effect of the turpintine. (Footnote: that was a joke: IPA- beer-making-peeps). Maybe they should try brewing some benadryl in with it? :) Much love. Doe.

DoeKnight said...

Here's a suggestion: change your rating system to "doe" instead of "reindeer". Could stand for "Dude, Omg, this is Excellent!"
and be your spiritual animal at the same time.