Thursday, June 10, 2010

YouTube Message from Nashville

Yesterday I checked our YouTube Inbox and there was a message from a guy in Nashville. He had some constructive criticism about our "Homemade Steadycam" video. I thought I would share:

Hey guys, I've only seen one of your videos so far...well, I'm a 62 year old granddad and only have so much time to spend on YouTube.... Anyway, as an old pro musician/entertainer/producer et al, I want to compliment you on your work, your creativity and mostly....your style. You guys are very entertaining and I look forward to watching more of your productions.

The video I saw was your steady-cam project...something I'll probably work on a different design for my own hi-def videoing. Here's my constructive criticism... I have moderate hearing loss in the high frequency range and have trouble understanding voices that aren't clean and clear. I had trouble understanding what you guys were saying...for a couple of reasons. One, you could stand to enunciate your speech more distinctly, but the second point would help even more....GET A COUPLE OF MICROPHONES ON BOOMS (OUT OF THE FRAME) UP ABOVE YOUR HEADS AND AS CLOSE TO YOU AS POSSIBLE. That would improve the sound situation a thousand percent. Even cheap mics up close would be better than the camcorder mic at the distance you were working on the video I saw.

That's my 2 cents. If you've already worked out your audio bugs, please disregard my tip. And keep up the good work fellas!

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